Hey Curlies! OK so I have a problem ith my curly hair. I can only do two hairstyles and thats - up in a puff or down. I would really like to try out some new ones but I don't know how.

Does anyone have any tutorials or youtube vids to recommend?

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I would really like to do my hair like this if anyone knows how.. my hair type is similar to the girl in the photo

P.S if anyone had any tips for colour treated hair please let me know ever since I dyed my hair its never really been the same.


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Depending on how much natural hair you have (meaning little to no relaxed ends), you could try finger coils. These are created from simply twirling strands of hair around your finger. This clip shows a naturalista with 3c curls who creates this look using a Denman brush:

If the clip doesn't work, try Googling "57 coils" and her vid will be the first to pop up.
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