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Turns out Giovanni smooth as silk cond that I use for my leave in has sea kelp in it. Plus lots of other proteins. Is it safe to use 1/2diluted ACV in the shower every other day? I wanted to try and see if it helps me. Btw what are typical signs that too much protein is being used?
I've given up on trying to get curlier results and will just continue with weekly PT. It has definitely curled more than about a month ago when I started, so I hope it continues. If anything I guess when the damage has been cut out ill have a good idea of how my hair is.
Is it sea kelp or sea kelp bioferment? As I understand it they are not the same ingredient.

You should not need to dilute vinegar by only 50%, that could be quite drying. If the pH of your products are in the right acidic range you should not get massive benefit from regular vinegar rinses - a small dilution will 'soften' the water, occasional treatments with more concentrated solution can help remove some hard water deposits, regular use is really for encouraging the cuticle to lay flat as hair dries which your products should be doing.
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