Since I broke my foot I've been washing my hair in the tub (I did get a shower stool but I'm pretty clumsy with it and on hair-washing days I've found the ol' tub method to work better.) I can't say I've noticed a huge difference in my hair, but it has got me thinking...

Since teenagerhood, I've always had a frizzy canopy and silky underlayer--had pretty straight, silky hair as a child. I know it was partly just hormones/maturity that changed me, but it's also making me suspicious because that's also when I started to shower regularly and wash my hair daily.

Do you suppose drenching your hair in still water--where there's no water beating down on your canopy--and rinsing in water that has some lingering conditioner in it--could be better for your hair? Kids--who pretty much use this method--always seem to have nicer, healthier hair. Maybe this is partly why?

This frizzed-out, I-didn't-even-know-my-hair-was-curly problem also seems to be sort of a modern development, which I'm sure has more to do with hair-care products than anything else, but maybe it also has something to do with the dramatic increase of showers in homes after WWII?

Should CGers be washing in the tub? Is there already a thread about this somewhere? LOL.
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Showering likely has something to do with it, especially if it's just your canopy. sun damage will too, and how often you have brushed/ combed/ heat styled since we are always likely to focus on the sections that show. Do bear in mind that frequent showers may have been the norm in at least younger US citizens for some time that has not been a worldwide thing nor the same amongst all age groups.

Plenty of childhood photos (including mine and I had no showers, just a weekly bath and a daily hairbrush assault!) or those of Victorian ladies right through to the 1980s (perms or natural) show major frizz. I think it's only become really socially unacceptable in the west since flat irons became mainstream - it has been suggested that Friends, especially Rachel, was the turning point. As we get older many of us want to wear our hair loose, not in a permanent ponytail or braid, maybe that means the issue of 'straight' frizz is more obvious?
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