How do I post a picture here?
My hair is a mixture of 3c with a small portion of 4 a in the crown it is very spongy does not like protein, glycerin or cones. I try not to manipulate it much as it gets frizzy. The weird thing about this cut is she cut layers underneath like a crazy 80's bob. So now I look like an umbrella. She did not cut a lot around just the bottom.... ten years natural down the drain. It looks nothing like a devachan. I kept asking why she was doing that but she said it will be ok. Oh I wish I could turn back time..
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When you hit reply, Under Additional Options there is an 'attach files' section. Hit 'Manage Attachment' and from there you can upload a picture. I am just curious to see what your hair looks like. Hopefully, with the right products, maybe it will look better?
High Porosity, Fine, Thin Density, Low Elasticity
Co-wash, leave in, and gel: Alba botanica coconut cond., ogx mousse, &/or super wet look gel.