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Coincidentally I got my results back today, too! Same as you--fine, normal, normal, although my density is high.

I just recently came to the realization that my hair was probably medium to fine. A long time ago someone told me I had coarse hair, so I just took it as gospel and all these years thought it was true, which explains why I've so often had limp and flat hair.

I've never avoided protein, but never went out of my way to use it either, so I guess I'll have to start paying more attention and doing actual PTs. Right now my routine is pretty simple, but I love playing around with products so will be looking for new things to try. I do like/need really hard hold gels, so any suggestions for other than what I'm using now would be appreciated. I'm working on putting together a samples order for KathyMack so a long list of ideas is fine!
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