[QUOTE=CurlyDude774;2192362]I have embraced my curls as a guy and have let my hair grow out some. My issue is my hair seems to grow out big and not down.. Ok, maybe I am not patient enough to let it grow really long.. Also, if someone could link images of what they think my hair would look like long.. I think I am a 3b..

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am using Deva Curl products and have a wonderful curly girl stylist that is cutting my hair once a month.. but want to try something different and need some suggestions..

Like Samantha said, it could definitely be the way your hair is cut. If it's cut in layers then that could definitely be the issue cause it took my hair forever to grow out. I've heard people say that washing your hair facing the showerhead helps defy gravity. Never tried it but I believe naturallycurly.com has an article about it.
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