Most of the problem I have had with second day hair when I haven't used much product is the fact that one side is curlier than the other. I definitely lose my curls overnight (although I am still noticing my curls getting stronger, yay!) on the side I sleep on. I so I have one side that looks pretty good, aside from a little frizz, but the others end up being more wave than curls. I haven't tried a lot of products, but have yet to find something that gets the curls going on the flatter side. I may have to try one of the products cloe mentioned. Does anyone have luck with using aloe Vera gel?
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My hair hates aloe a lot, but a lot of people do really well with it. For me, the thing that helped me with second day hair at first was wetting my hair by scrunching in a bit of water (so it was damp). Then sometimes I would scrunch a bit of conditioner into the bottom and smoothing conditioner on the top to help with frizz. Using too many products on second day hair will usually actually just mess it up for me.

There are ways to kind of hide problem areas too. If one of the sides of my hair is curly than the other, I'll sometimes move my part around. I'll move some of the hair from the curlier side over to the wavy side, so it's in a side part. It works for me, though sometimes I have to use a bit of water to set the hair over there. Wearing a head band or pulling your bangs back into a twist/braid/poof can also help disguise less than amazing second day hair. Pineappling can also help so you aren't sleeping on your hair, and it gives volume. Have you tried pineappling yet?

I've worn my hair curly and avoided silicones/heat styling for about 4 years now. I get second day hair way more often then I did. I'm also less picky about it. Like, I'll tolerate looser curls or a bit of frizz on the second day. I get complements on days I dislike my hair, and I don't think a lot of people really notice when my hair's a bit messy.

About your original question, I would say you should definitally make sure you're using products with protein in them. That way you're constantly building protein in your hair, instead of only really getting it when you do a treatment. I have a protein heavy conditioner that I rotate into my routine when my hair seems flat but I don't want to do a whole PT. Also, I've read that using heat (like a blow dryer) can help make protein treatments more potent.
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