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Hi, Dusa, I stopped for several reasons: I became modified CG, and realized all that heat every day was not doing my hair much good; I started clipping my hair up for increased volume and curl definition; and (aggravation!) my hair would part and flatten in the back, what the late author Nora Efron named an "Aruba" (trees blowing to one side in the wind) in one of her books. And also, I could never really use a diffuser with fingers, I dont know why but somehow the plastic contact with my hair created frizz. So, when I did diffuse, it worked better for me to use a hot sock and keep the dryer moving. I did have less curl and more wave with this method, but I would not mind this at all if all else was OK. I know, I know, I should try again soon. I will. Just not on a day I have to be seen a lot. Maybe tomorrow; I dont have to be anywhere til 1:30, I can try my hair the old fashioned way, and if it doesnt work, well, then, I can just re-do it. Now I have to figure out if I m going to use my old product routine, Tousle me softly mousse, and Biotera gel. Do you use different products when you diffuse?? Oyyyy, this never ends....
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