I use a silk cap and a silk pillowcase (because one can never overdo it, haha), and yep, second day hair every time. The silk seems to not only prevent frizz, but also reduces any leftover from the previous day. I always have less frizz in the morning.

As a decent alternative, the Stay-on Satin bonnets you can get at Walmart aren't bad. Not as good as silk, but they're cheaper. If you want a really nice silk bonnet, Blensblend has them in different lengths and the silk is very good quality. Pretty Antoinett's also has nice bonnets.
3a/b, fine, normal porosity, high density

Wash: CJ Daily Fix, As I Am, TJs TTT
LI: Suave TC + CJ CCCC, brushed through with Denman
Styling: Smooth in LAL Wet Look gel, scrunch, and plop 10 minutes, then add a little more gel, cover with silk cap, and sleep on it
Refresh: 3:1 water/Suave mix as needed