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Kathymack - since you have tried a lot of products what product does it resemble the most? I LOVE UFDCM (KCCC not so much) so if it is similar I would be game to try it.
I'm not sure that I would compare it to anything. It's a great product, that works really well in high dewpoints. I think it should work all year around for me with the right products underneath, but will have to see.

If it was exactly like something else, why would we need it?? I like to have a lot of jelly products in my rotation. It won't replace anything--just be an addition. Am assuming you live in FL, so I think it would be a great product for you to try.
Well, I would love to have a product that was exactly like KCCC, but with a better smell

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I wanted to try this during the Curlmart sale but I was concerned with the glycerin in it and it was sold out.
Me too! The free shipping almost lured me in, until I remembered 1) glycerin and high dews don't mix and 2) I'm moving soon, so no adding stuff.

I'll lurk on this thread and let you guys be my guinea pigs until after I relocate.
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