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Originally Posted by ManeMaid View Post
I use Burt's bees raspberry shampoo and then redkin butter treat conditioner
The BB raspberry should be fine. Is it this the redken butter treat that you're using? It says it's discontinued. I'm having trouble finding the ingredients so can you post them? Also can you post or link the ingredients to the shea butter curl cream you're using?

I second using jelly type products... home-made FSG, SS CEJ, JC Rocking Ringlets... they should help give your hair shape without really weighing it down. The tricky thing with these products is they don't provide the best frizz control in very high dews, but it may be enough to use alone, otherwise you may have to seal underneath with a light LI that contains anti-humectants or use just a few drops of a lighter oil like apricot or grapeseed to seal underneath before adding the jelly product. You'll have to play around here with amount. If you're low-porosity this can also be tricky... if you're high porosity, your hair can handle oils much better... see this is why it's good to know your properties!

There's a good chance that your products are way too buttery... with the shea butter leave-in plus the "butter" rinse-out, you may have to back off one or both. If your hair is fine you'll need protein, which can spring your curls back up.

Mag sulfate is a curl enhancer but can be drying. I don't know about the Curl Keeper, I've always wanted to try it but stayed away as it has glycerin and I don't think that would react too well to high dews.
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