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Curls Control Paste
but mainly Gel & Castor oil (aloe gel or KMFUMG)
cant use eco it builds up and breaks my hair, id have to rinse it out daily and I dont wash daily.
Eco build up for me too after day 2. I have not repurchased it but It did slick well so I listed it for those who want to try it.
Yeah its great at slicking, I use it for my buns and puffs when I know im going to wash the next day.
KCCC works well to tame edges too, just a dab kind of freezes hair into place
I get buildup easy so sometimes I pull my hair back, spritz and run my bobeam bar across my edges.then I use my fingers and more water to smooth squeeze out excess shampoo. Then i apply li, oil and my product again. Works great for me
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