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In twenty years of solo adult visits to the hairdresser not a single one recognised I have curly hair (~2b, clearly wavy when wet) which to me is the biggest hair crime, not actually understanding the material you are working with every single day.

One even permed my hair several times and was shocked how quickly it took a curl! Another gave me a lovely layered cut that would 'work with my slight waves', looked like Farrah Fawcett by the time I'd walked five minutes across town.
I can beat you on that one. I'm almost 55 and up until a few years ago just thought my hair was kind of wavy. Not one stylist ever told me my hair was curly--not even when I got multiple perms to make my 3a hair...3a!

I also don't understand why, when every time I'd go in I'd say something like "I don't want to spend a lot of time styling" (meaning blowing it out straight like they always did after a cut), no one simply said, "Well, your hair is curly. Why don't you do this instead?" What did I know? I was dumb and thought my hair was straight/barely wavy, because they acted like it was straight! I also thought my hair was coarse for years because a cosmetology student told me it was coarse. It's actually fine.
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