First an introduction, which are usually best, right?

Hello, my curlie sistas! I'm ConverseInk, formerly TatsnConverse. I've been around NC for awhile, mostly trolling, but I do post occasionally. I'm honestly not certain if I ever properly introduced myself which is why I'm here.

A little about me: I'm 26, I have naturally curlie red ringlets, and I'm a totally geek. LONG LIVE STAR WARS!!!

My biggest issue is that I'm a creature of variety. I have this unique ability to just go with the flow of life's ups, downs, and round abouts and when it comes to my hair, it's no different. I've never had a problem with cutting my hair, I've even donated to Locks of Love twice, but I'm spontaneous and in my spontaneity I ran out and cut my hair really short. Then I came home and decided it was not short enough and cut off another inch and a half.

It's not bad. The cut is fine. I just don't like it. I just really don't like it. I was on my way to growing my hair back long and curlie and decided that I was bored, needed a change, and cut it again.

Now it's mousse, blow dryer, flat ironing, lots of conditioner and deep treatments on a near daily basis to keep it presentable. It upsets me, but I just take a Biotin and put a smile on my face.

I guess I'm here for support and tips, but mainly support as I grow and try to learn to be comfortable with me.


Peace, Love, & Converse!