I had a hard time figuring out porosity as well. I mistakenly thought I was highly porous because I was feeling bumps along the strand in the slip n slide test - turns out those were just kinks in my hair. If your hair really repels water (and you don't have any product in like any creams, oils etc) you're probably on the lower end of the porosity spectrum. If your hair isn't really damaged from heat, chemicals, rough handling, dyes etc etc. it's most likely normal-low porosity.... but some people have high porosity hair genetically.

You can always opt for a hair analysis from LCLF or Komaza Care if you're really stumped. It'll give you a starting point... but remember that properties can also change over time or depending on what you do to your hair. hope this helps!
2bc/ f / ii. low porosity roots + normal porosity shaft. normal elasticity.

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