I woke about 130, had a nice allergy attack. Several sneezes, tissues, wheezes and some benadryl later, I finally began to doze. Only to hear "chirp". Now, I was certain it was my tv because I have a fear of smoke detectors going off (for no reason) and I've been doing so much better about that (I used to wake up several times a night thinking they were going off).
I begin deep breathing. Relaxation exercises. CHIRP.
So thankful my parents have moved nearby, I gather Finlay and my pillow and am now sleeping on their couch (obviously I'm not sleeping yet, adrenaline is still going).
It's nearly 3am. I really would like to sleep now.

(In case anyone is wondering why I didn't just change the battery - I live in at apt so tomorrow maintenance can replace batteries, my issue with smoke detectors is pretty pronounced (can cause full on panic attacks) so I didn't stick around and try to change the battery myself.)

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