Everyone's hair is different. Also, every dye formula is different. The developer in commercial dye can alter the texture of hair. That said, one application, w/a small amount of developer won't typically change the texture of virgin hair (hair that hasn't previously been processed).

Not sure what you mean by "messing up your hair", but many of us "naturals" have used dyes of all sorts It's mostly about balance. This whole curly-haired journey is about balance, at its heart. It means if you overdo anything, your curls are likely to let you know. They will likely "act up" in one or more ways.

I agree with Kylo about henna as a natural (plant-based) dying option. Also, it's a commitment that far surpasses that of commercial dyes. It's messy and prep=hours of wait time, plus it typically must be left on a minimum of 3-4 hours. It's heavy. It can take quite some time to apply, especially if you're just learning the ropes. The color isn't totally predictable, even w/strand tests. It can be expensive if you get the recommended BAQ version of henna. If a batch of henna is contaminated, your hair can literally get ruined. It has a scent that some people (including me) have had problems with. That said, it can look quite striking and may be less of a cancer risk than certain known ingredients in commercial dyes. It's unlikely to cause your hair any damage, but it coats hair, so that it can loosen or eliminate curls or waves. It does seem to strengthen hair. It can also promote shine and reduce frizz. Makes hair easier to deal w/in humid conditions.

Sorry this is SO flippin long. I'm writing all this for you, but also for anyone else who might be pondering these various hair color options right now

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