So I think I'm figuring out this whole CG thing and I've gotten past wanting to give up on my hair because, yes, it actually *is* wavy (yay!). Prepare in advance for a slight diatribe but I promise, I really am looking for answers and not just venting

Here's my issue: frizz.

My hair likes protein. It makes it shiny, it helps it hold a curl, but... it gives me little crispy frizzies. So then I started adding moisture. It helped take away the slight "crispness" of my hair, but I think I may have overdone it on moisture because my hair got dull and almost mushy and all my waves just pulled themselves loooong and then fell out. The worst part? I still have frizz. I thought it may have been glycerin (plus humidity) causing some of the issues so I weeded it out of my products. I still have a ton of frizz.

I recently started pixie diffusing and it seemed to help, until my hair dried all the way. More frizz. Normally I co-wash, so I tried low-poo'ing and it didn't help. I tried a sulfate wash for oil/polyquat buildup. Still frizz. My hair has frizz when it's wet, when it's damp, and when it's dry. I do my best to not touch it or play with it too much. I've tried mixing up what products I use and how I apply them (next on the playbook is gel applied rake & shake, topped with mousse, followed by pixie diffuse). I tried more product, less product, no product. I applied it on soaking wet hair, damp hair, and dry hair. All I got was more frizz for my trouble. I am at the end of my rope with this stupid frizz!

It seems like anything that's heavy enough to completely tame my frizz makes my hair greasy and is so heavy it pulls out my curl pattern almost completely. Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with this? Help? Please?
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