I have pervasive surface frizz problems too. I can get rid of the pouf but the surface frizz is really stubborn (though I have had a few good days). I do believe my canopy has some damage from years of heat-styling, so I'm hoping that this improves the longer that I'm CG.

For now, sometimes I wonder if it doesn't just demand a gentle mechanical solution--some kind of "set" like twists or a French braid or something. Today was third-day hair, and I had my canopy twisted and in a jaw clip most of the day; looks not so bad now. Though I also have some of those coarse wiry hairs that will probably always poke out no matter what I do; I probably just have to accept some level of frizz.
Type 2c: coarse, high-density, low porosity (so it would seem)
Avoiding protein and glycerin; going for soft, non-crunchy, frizz-free waves
CO & RO: Tresemme Naturals Moisture
Sealer: Olive oil
Leave-in/Styler: Kinky Curly Knot Today
DT: olive oil and honey