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Originally Posted by dinoRAWRSyou View Post
It seems like anything that's heavy enough to completely tame my frizz makes my hair greasy and is so heavy it pulls out my curl pattern almost completely. Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with this? Help? Please?
Yes, sometimes I get this issue, it doesn't pull out my curl but I can easily over-grease or rather things that really help against frizz take a full 24 hours to absorb! Low-porosity and calming frizzies can be tricky.

Just try skipping the leave-in and go for gel directly or better yet a gelée like FSG. Or if you're going to use something like the SM C&Style Milk... use literally only a pea sized to smooth on, no more! But you may not need it at all! Also I'd suggest skipping the KCKT.
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