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I agree with katmack...

It's nice to exercise with a friend but if they let you down you've still got to have the confidence to go on your own...

There will be an exercise out there that you'll enjoy you've just got to find it. If you don't like it don't do it (I hate running!). My thing is music so I enjoy working out to songs I love

I've never been significantly overweight but do get up at 5.45am to exercise every work day :P even after all this time I still wake up thinking about giving it a miss and have to drag myself there! I'm not very good a breakfast so will have a small smoothie after the gym.

I still crave junk food and enjoy it BUT I never have anything fattening in the house and take packed lunch to work. That means if i want something fattening i have to go out and get it! If it was in front of me I'd eat it! I eat little and often - everyone at work laughs at me coz my lunch bag comes everywhere, it seems endless and I'm always eating! If I don't munch on something every couple of hours I turn into a b**ch! - that means i don't eat a 'meal' in one go at work but it probably all adds up to a normal size breakfast & lunch.

At home I treat myself to other things to keep me busy (give myself mani & pedi every week, and of course CG takes up my time!). When I first 'went healthy' I used to buy a lot of canned/ dried food as they lasted longer...

Be as independent as you can with diet and exercise - if you're relying on someone what happens when they're not around....

I'm not sure if this helps but you're not alone! Exercise and diet is a b**ch but it really is the only long term thing that works....

Good luck
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