Okay I'll write out all the changes I've made in my routine that I can remember:
Before -
Shampoo with regular sulfate or sulfate free shampoo
Condish from above ears down
Brush with regular brush
Wrap hair in t shirt
Smooth on Garnier Leave In
Apply moroccan oil from mid to ends
Scrunch in mousse all over
Pineapple over night
My hair wasnt really great with this routine (lots of frizz) which is why I wanted to change

After (now) - wash with low poo
Condish from above ears down with Aussie Moist
Brush with TangleFix (tangle teezer dupe)
Smooth on Giovanni DLI
(Sometimes) smooth on KY Liquid
Smooth on or scrunch in Curls Rock Amplifier
Smooth and scrunch gel (varies between Equate Sport Gel or Garnier Pure Clean)
Im experimenting with different drying methods, diffusing is unpredictable, air drying is okay, i usually prefer to pineapple over night but I feel like thats pulling out some of my curls?

The tangle fix has much finer, much closer together bristles but I only brush in the shower, could it still be causing this puffy undefined issue? Wide tooth combs just do not work for me, they tangle my hair even more. Man this is just so confusing
Hair Type: 3a/3b, dark brown, blonde highlights, normal - high porosity, fine - medium strands
Low Poo: Live Clean Moisturizing Shampoo (lowpoo)
Condish: Aussie Moist or Tresemee Naturals
Leave In: Giovanni DLI or Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine LI
Styling: Curls Rock Amplifier, Pantene Curl Defining Mousse (HG)
My hair loves protein!

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