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Let his own expense. I'd love to have a face lift and tummy tuck to look younger. OMG!!! I'm a 20 year old living in a 62 year old body. BUT I don't expect anyone else to pay for it.
No kidding.

I hate that he got off so easy for being a traitor. His sentence is never going to make the next person stop and think...should I really do this?
Prison sentences rarely act as a deterrent as criminals don't expect to be caught.

The only reason the majority of people don't go and commit serious crimes is to do with how you are socialised from a very young age.
It's not a deterrent for some ppl who have either been locked up before, already have a worse life than prison or who think prison will raise their status.

But I think for most of us, the thought of doing time is awful enough that it is definitely a deterrent!
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