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So my "friend" told me i could never have healthy hair because i have a frizzy curly hair. She always tell me that i should get a straight perm if i want healthy hair. Ughh it get so annoying. I already got a straight perm when i was kid.(Worst mistake ever)Fortunately my curl pattern went back but i still straight my hair after tht. But now i realized that curly hair is beautiful! Im 2 months CG . Anyways back to my "friend" i dnt know how to deal with her she is sometimes a good friend but whenever she says that about my hair it makes me mad. People like her motivates me to have healthy curly hair!! i will show her i can have healthy curly hair! I know it will take time but i am so determined!! Anyways i dont know what to say her. I dont want to be mean or anything. I dont know any better way to deal with her. Plus she is one of those people with pin straight hair and trims their hair every month and if she sees a split end on one piece of her hair. She panics.
roll your eyes and start pissing yourself laughing
educate yourself on what healthy hair actually is, then ask her to define it and explain how chemicals will make the hair healthier (a relaxer is hugely damaging)
show her the before and after threads on NC/ link her to the Curly Girl book and Scott Musgrave Facebook pages (both have loads of before and afters)
find new friends
tell her that two thirds of the world's population has naturally wavy or curly hair, so maybe our hair should be the benchmark of what is healthy and normal
ask her not to comment on your hair unless she has something nice to say, you like her very much so it's very hurtful. Rinse and repeat.
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