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Originally Posted by Ashleynicol View Post
The point of the x and y chromosome is to signal the body to make hormones at the same time to differentiate the sex organs and secondary sex characteristics so that reproduction can occur and the species survives.
Yes, the purpose of those chromosomes is to contribute to reproductive roles, of which our species has two. However, that's not the same as gender or sex. Gender and sex are both social categories, not objective observations. You can objectively describe someone's chromosomes or sex organs. But labeling these structures as male or female is merely cultural.

Originally Posted by Ashleynicol View Post
Someone without the biological disorder, with normal chromosomes, normal sex organs, and normal secondary characteristics... they have a psychiatric problem just as does someone with bipolar or schizophrenia.
But being transgender is not a psychiatric problem. It's considered a biological variation in sexual characteristics, just like being intersex. Scientists know that sex chromosomes, sex organs, and secondary sex characteristics tell only part of the story. We still have an incomplete picture of how sex is determined by the body, and the fact that some people are transgender shows we have a long way to go.

Originally Posted by Ashleynicol View Post
However some argue that the treatment for this gender identity disorder is surgery and hormone therapy to change the outward appearance.
This isn't "some argue," it's "experts agree." As I've repeatedly pointed out, experts on this subject agree that hormone therapy and/or gender confirmation surgery are medically necessary for many trans* people. There's simply no alternative treatment.
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