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Originally Posted by smalesev View Post
Hello, all! Hopefully, you gentleman can help me!

I have curly hair and frequent this site. I'm a 3A and have been CG for a few weeks.

My fiance also has curly hair. I'd say he's about a 3B, but it's hard to tell because he has SO MUCH FRIZZ! To the point where I just tell him to chop off his curls because he won't take care of them.

He won't wash with anything that's girly and colorful. I've offered for him to use my products, but he won't.

He's a wash and go person. No products. He wants to spend as little time in the shower as possible.

He's also very thin up top.

Right now, he just uses Head and Shoulders Hair Endurance 2-in-1.

I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions for him. Manly conditioner or shampoo, something! It has to be one step and be able to be found at walmart, though!

I know this is probably a hard request, but any help is greatly appreciated!
Why is he using Head & Shoulders, does he have dandruff? If he is thinning he should be avoiding sulphate surfactants.

There is nothing one step that will control frizz AFAIK, especially not if its damaged. Best thing you could do would be to get a rich cleansing conditioner than can also be used as a leave in, then have him wash with that, apply some to dripping hair and air dry.
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