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Originally Posted by Spiralli View Post
Can you recommend a top 2, that you would use if you were doing it. I don't have a link to IAGirl.
Hands down I would use the Goosefootprints on Etsy (username here on NC is IAgirl, linked to from the Pedaheh blog I already posted). I can't link directly to the Etsy store because it's against forum rules.

I've seen a couple of the Goosefootprints reports on the Wavy Hair Community and they are detailed and clear with plenty of microscope photos. I rate Komaza Care products and their hair analysis is supposed to be very good but it's much more expensive so I wouldn't use it now Goosefootprints is in business, what they do extra is a telephone consultation.
2a-2c, medium texture, porous/ colour treated. Three years CG, growing out mechanical and chemical damage = breakage and very high porosity. Past armpit length heading for waist.

CO-wash: Inecto coconut
Treatments: Komaza Matani, coconut oil, Hairveda Sitrinillah
Leave in: Fructis Sleek & Shine (old), Gliss ultimate volume, Inecto argan
Styler: Umberto Giannini jelly, Boots Essentials gel
Experimenting with: going back to basics
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