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Thanks for the reply... I have mostly stopped straightening (maybe twice in the last 6-8months),but am finding it hard to put down the hair dryer seeing as I hate my hair at the moment and find it easier to just blow dry it straight. I shampoo 1-2 times a week and condition 2-3 doing a deep condition maybe once a month, I've tried many different brands from umberto giannini, herbal essence, pantene, Naked etc. etc. none with any real difference. At the moment I only apply either argan oil or creme to my hair (curly products seem to leave my hair feeling a bit sticky and not hold). I have almost completely stopped dying as well but I have pretty extreme split ends and breakage. I have tried the tshirt thing and combing in the shower. I think maybe my problem is patience, it's a lot easier to towel dry then scrape it back in a bun or blast it with a hair dryer than stick to any sort of curly regime...
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