I've tried everything, but nothing works. I have very fine wavy hair. I mean extremely wavy on the verge of curly. I think we are a very small market, because all the research I've done turns up nothing. Although the drying straight from soaking wet is something I haven't tried. I will be sure to do this next time.

No disrespect to the woman with the brush hair thing, but with this type of hair, I imagine others have the same problem as I - which is that our hair cannot handle much pulling. It will come out. Even with product, hair drying can be a bit of a problem. I do have a Revlon hair dryer brush, and it's alright, but yeah, it can be a problem. Am I the only one?

Humidity is a huge problem. In the summer, I've found that putting a bit of putty or glue will help control the halo of frizz effect on the crown of the head. Normally, I put it on when wet, because it can leave white reside when dried, and it will tack it down like nails through a carpet, lol. It also will plaster my waves and encourage clumping as if it were done with super glue, lol. This is great for maintaining a long wavy look, and best, it can be re wet.

The stuff lasts all day long. Personally, I like the Tough It Out Glue by Garnier, which I believe has been discontinued. Others work similarly, like Garnier Rough It Out Putty. Then there is the Spike Glue from Got2B.

Anyway, I hope that one day people realize this niche market and help us. It was recommended to me that I use a tension comb, which I have one but again, pulling equals hair loss. I'd compare the strands of my hair to a spider's web, or a fine silk from silk worm. I wish I were a chemist because I would be solving this problem for everyone, lol.

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