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Originally Posted by claudinet View Post
If you work out at night then take a shower and style it and sleep with a turbie twist on! It's help plop the curls and it'll be damp the next morning, but should be dry in about 10-30 min. That's my morning hair routine for school since I don't want to go to school with hair wet. Shower at night, use product in wet hair, and turbie twist! Works charms and isn't uncomfortable to sleep in
I run in the morning unfortunately . It's way too hot where I live to run any other time so I have to get up really early to do a run. But I think I'll try plopping! I hear that it's a great way to dry hair fast and I can leave it on to dry longer than 10 min while I do my makeup and morning routine! Thanks!
Love my auburn 3b/3c curls!! Favorite products are Treseme Naturals conditioner and DevaCare ArcAngel(<---miracle for definition!) I really just want to GROW MY HAIR OUT!! It's not really working...
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