I wash every day, sometimes with low poo and sometimes with Garnier PureClean (it has ALS which is milder than SLS). If I'm wearing my hair down I diffuse, otherwise I'm rockin' the wet bun look.

There are conditioners and styling products in there too but I didn't want to make a list.

2c/3a, fine, low porosity.

Poo: Garnier Fructis Pure Clean (yes, it has a mild sulfate, but I have Teflon hair)
Co-wash: VO5 Kiwi Lime Clarifying Conditioner
Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner (nothing to do with keratin straightening, just a nice conditioner)
Style: KCCC + Pantene Curl Shaping Gel (winter) or LALSG (summer)
Dry: Diffuse or air dry, depends on my mood