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Feeling your pain in North Alabama! I'm new to embracing my curliness and the CG way. My routine is mostly in my siggie. As for what products I use right now, I'm finishing off my PM Round Trip, PM Super Skinny Serum, PM mousse (can't remember the exact one), Tressemme gel, Suave gel, whatever shampoo I have on hand, and V05 conditioner. My hair seems to like the PM RT and PM SS together. Never combined products other than those. So basically, if I put something in, it's either RT & SS or mousse or gel. Hope that made any sense.
3b/3c, high porosity, fine strands but lots of em!
Think Weird Al in a fat lady suit.

Learning to love and care for my curls, while using up the products I have on hand.

Shampoo 2x week, co-wash the other days. Experimenting with twist-n-go, plopping, etc.

Pineapple and satin pillowcase at night.
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