A man is married to one of a set of beautiful identical twins. Someone has insulted his wife's twin, K, so he tells K that she is so beautiful inside and out and that is why he married her sister.

Am I the only one who finds this slightly inappropriate? I'm sure he meant nothing by it and just wrote it without thinking it through completely, but still.
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Twins can often be similar in more ways than appearance. Of course they are not the same person (duh, right?) but many are beyond bonded or connected. I would be more likely to think the person was just trying to be encouraging and comforting and that's not inappropriate, even when it might not come out exactly right.

Just to add to... If I'm sure the person meant well, I will give an A for effort, maybe have a chuckle, and move on. Honestly good intention is far more important than wording, imo.
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Oh, yeah, I know...I should have just said "poorly worded" instead of inappropriate. I suppose "inappropriate" implies ill will. I think he's a good guy, and I'm sure his intentions were good. The thing is...the twins' personalities are very dissimilar. If you remove the identical twin aspect all together, it seems an even stranger thing to say.

"You are very beautiful inside and out, that is why I married your sister."

It almost seems like he's saying that since he couldn't have her, he married her twin sister. I'm actually more amused by it than anything, really. The fact that they are identical twins really doesn't reduce the weirdness of it for me. And, he's someone whom I would expect to be better at expressing himself, but that doesn't mean that he is...clearly.
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