Hi all!

I have slightly wavy hair and I co-wash or cwc every other day. I don't use any silicones and as far as I know, I'm not using anything with other ingredients that can build up.

Now, problem 1: I twist my hair into a bun and hold in place with a scrunchie, and wear a sleep cap on top overnight. The next morning, when I take my bun out, my length is mostly straight apart from the bottom 2ish inches which is curly wurly and matted looking. It also looks dry and frizzy. It has a few small tangles which I fingercomb out gently before I run my wooden comb through. Once I've combed it through, it feels much better (smooth and slippy) but I have to comb through several times to stretch the matted looking curly bits out. (Note: My hair isn't actually matted, it just looks it) Once I've done that my hair looks okay. There must be some way of avoiding this problem though, yes? I'm thinking of wearing my hair loose in my sleep cap (it's too short to pineapple) I'm also wondering if more leave in conditioner would stop the initial frizzy/dryness? My hair likes protein and my LI is fairly protein heavy, maybe I should mix it with another conditioner that isn't protein-y? I dunno if that will help.

Secondly, after I've done all of the above ^ , the length feels great as do most of the ends apart from the bottom 2cm. Again, would more LI combat this?

I use Schwartzkopf gliss as a LI. And I'm experimenting with GVN Smooth as Silk as a RO. I also have the GVN 50:50 which has no protein so maybe I could mix my Schwartzkopf with this to use as a LI?

I feel like my hair was happiest when I was washing everyday and using a very rich condish (Garnier S&S) to co-wash my length. Unfortunately this ended up weighing my hair down (I was using it both to wash and as a RO) I stopped washing daily because my scalp stopped getting oily as quick and my hair does look shiny the day after. I also stopped using Garnier S&S as I found out their testing policy (huge animal lover here)

I also used to seal after washing with sweet almond oil on my length an argan on my ends. However I've not done that in a few weeks. Perhaps I should start sealing my ends again?

Any input would be great, I know I've rambled. Thank you x

eta: I've only noticed this dry frizzyness the past couple weeks..which coincedently is when I started tryin to stretch my washes from every other day to every 2nd day. Could it be that my hair has been 'deprived' of the more moisture and conditioning it needs? I wonder if simply going back to washing every other day would fix it, hmmm.

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