If you stick with water soluble products, you won't have trouble removing them from your hair with water only cleansing, provided you do a thorough scalp massage, which is a component of that technique. Hair get quite clean when water washing is done right. I even find that my hair squeaks.

It's the method Lorraine Massey originally came up with for Curly Girling, and the reason she had an official sniffer – somebody else to check her hair everyday and make sure it really was getting as clean as she thought it was.

As a knitter who spins (makes my own yarn to knit with), I learned quite a while back that sheep's sweat containes a natural surfactant. (Sorry, I don't remember more than that, even where I read that or how many years ago.) This has allowed shepherds to wash wool while still on the sheep's backs prior to shearing, or the recipients of shorn wool to wash it after shearing without using soap (although it is no longer common in this country to scour wool without soap). It seems to me that if this exists in sheep's sweat, it could also exist in human sweat. I would love to see research done on this, but I'm sure haircare manufacturers won't pick up the tab for a study done on it. It would explain how water only washing can work so well.

Do I water wash much? Hardly ever. But it's nice to know that I could in a pinch.

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