So sorry this happened. I can see why you'd feel really upset and disappointed. In fact, I recall the feeling all too well.

This may sound a little hollow right now, but it's just a gentle reminder: Your hair will grow out and before you know it this will be a distant memory.

As for right now, one idea is to get a little more cut off the back to even things out more. At least that way, there will be more balance. I personally would avoid going to the same person for that. I would either choose someone you've already had cut your hair, or research someone else close by who has received rave online reviews for cutting wavy/curly hair. (If you're looking for guidance about researching and preparing for a cut, feel free to read this blog entry of mine, and this one, about getting the best wavy/curly cuts possible.)

To the poof on the sides, you could experiment with pretty barrettes, clips, or cotton bands.

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