You can make your own DT by using whatever conditioner you have around and adding whatever your hair likes--oil, aloe, honey, bananas, molasses, etc. I almost never do DTs because I just don't get around to them, but I do moisturizing/conditioning/protein as part of my regular routine so have less need for DT. I think it's better to start out simply and then add products if you need to. Something to wash with, then something to rinse out/leave in, and build from there. You don't even have to use a rinse out if you don't want to. Some people just wash and then use a leave in.
3a/b, F, normal porosity

Wash with either Suave Tropical Coconut, As I Am, or CJ Daily Fix
Condition with STC or Yes to Blueberries and detangle with Denman, rinse very lightly (baptismal rinse)
Add LAL gel, either Sport or Wet Look, scrunch with flour sack towel, and plop
Diffuse 5 minutes, then air dry