They're pretty small--about an inch long--but they hold more than the description sounds like. I have fine hair, but it's thick, and I can clip back enough hair to keep it from flopping in my face, and because they're so small they don't disrupt curls. What I usually do is take a piece of hair at the front and a bit underneath and pull that back and clip, so that it holds back the rest of the hair that wants to flop over, if that makes sense.
3a/b, F, normal porosity

Wash with either Suave Tropical Coconut, As I Am, or CJ Daily Fix
Condition with STC or Yes to Blueberries and detangle with Denman, rinse very lightly (baptismal rinse)
Add LAL gel, either Sport or Wet Look, scrunch with flour sack towel, and plop
Diffuse 5 minutes, then air dry