Alright ladies (and gents) *drum rolls* My hair has definitely seemed to grow an inch it touched just the bottom of my bra strap when I got a trim Friday afternoon on the 20th. I started that same night doing the regimen I stated earlier and now it goes about an inch past it! Oh and a note I should tell you is the last 2 days I had wet my hair with warm/almost hot water because my hair didn't feel like it absorbed the oil as well unless it was wet so I figured maybe the hot water would open the follicles to absorb the bit of oil and I think for me it worked much better that way.

A side note I'd like to share as well is that today also marks my 1 year anniversary of my hair growth journey! Here's a pic of the past year just wanted to share with everyone

I think I'll do this once a month just to help growth and I will definitely oil my ends every night and wrap it in my satin cloth!!! Good Luck on your hair growth journey everyone <3
3B, Thick, Low Porosity, High Density
Length: Almost Hip Length (straight)
Goal: Hip length or Classic length straight (maybe waist length curly)
Beginning of hair journey: Sept. 27th, 2012

Shea moisture coconut & hibiscus Shampoo and hair milk
AG hair Recoil
Curl Keeper Curly Hair Solutions
Devacare Arch Angel gel

DC: Searching for one
Co-Wash: Shea Moisture co-wash conditioning cleanser (searching for one better)