Not everyone can wear hair wet, especially if they have to go to work (and especially in the winter). Also, a lot of people have hair that can take over 5 hours to dry naturally, even in an arid climate. As usual, it's about moderation and doing the thing that's "healthiest" for the hair, as often as possible.

If a person benefits from a blow dryer, I think we offered some pretty good tips: if possible, use a diffuser (some suggest doing that upside down), possibly a heat protecting serum, and the warm (or lowest) heat and speed settings possible, and don't dry it 100%. ... If someone's curl pattern is "a little too intense for [her/his] liking", acceptance of the hair one naturally has is a great way to deal with that negative attitude, and it doesn't require extra tools and stretching procedures.

ETA: Just to clarify, I think curl former sets, braid outs, etc. are cute. Just saying I think motivation is important. Like hopefully these styles are done for the pleasure and creativity of them, rather than to escape one's natural texture. Why come this far just to clandestinely reject our hair, you know?

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