I disagree "all religions are a pathway to [your] God". There are various polytheistic religions, Wicca is far from the only one.

I find it offensive that you dismiss Wicca as an abomination to your God, just as it would be offensive to suggest that Christianity is an abomination to, say, atheists. We could just respect one another's belief systems proving they do not deliberately harm others.
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There are several polytheistic religions, that is a fact. There is a great deal of beauty in them as well, and I completely agree with respecting others beliefs.

I come from a land mainly ruled by Southern Baptists. The overwhelming majority believe a preacher should not be educated in theology. He should be called by God. (ETA: That stems from years of many not being able to get an education past the 4th to 6th grade due to family obligations and many who never had the means to get an education past high school.) The downside of that, imo, is that they have little to no understanding of other religions and are often the first to condemn Wiccan's and other forms of Paganism as devil worship. I can't help but have a little chuckle because I also live in an area founded by Irish and Scottish immigrants, who were Celts, and they still plant things based on pagan signs. They also follow several other nature based beliefs, rules, stories, superstitions that come from Pagan roots. It's second nature. They just have no idea what comes from. I can't get mad because it's an honest lack of understanding along with some firmly planted beliefs, but I can easily explain how silly the notion is.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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