Thanks so much for the help! Guess it's time to rethink what I'm considering as a leave in. The protein treatments actually cut down on a lot of the frizz and make my curls nicer. If I cut those out I get limp even frizzier hair.

My hair properties... I've spend the past 8 months trying to figure that out! My best guess is low porosity and normal?

Guess I'm on a hunt for a lighter weight leave in. If I use the conditioners I have I think they will be way too heavy and leave my hair feeling icky.

I think the shampooing less has been working out ok... I still condition and detangle everyday. So far my scalp isn't itchy or breaking out. Not sure if the frizz is any less since I've been using a lot of gel for the past 2 days. Humidity has been awful. Wednesday it should get better.