When I straighten my 3B hair, it always has some body. Sometimes I think it looks "amateur," since I can't make it "sleek."

I used a T3 Singlepass for a few weeks and didn't like it. I even used its highest setting (450 degrees), and my hair curls in 30 minutes.

My friend said I needed to moisturize more and that my hair curls up from trying to take in extra moisture. She suggested using coconut oil PRE-shampoo and leaving it for up to 14 hours. Currently, I use DevaCurl products, so no silicones, sulfates, or parabens. And a heat protectant when straightening.

What's wrong? My moisture-process or the iron itself? I hear the flat iron, itself, makes a difference. So, far I ruled out T3. I know Sultra and GHD are raved about. Not sure if either makes a difference in my case?

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