You're curls are beautiful! I have been CG for 7 months and I never plan on stopping unless I just add an occasional no poo cleanser. At the start of my natural hair journey I boxed up all my bad hair products and put my heat tools/brushes at the top of an old closet. I am never looking back! Curls are so beautiful and unique and I have finally learned to take care of them and make them look healthy! Good luck on your journey it's not always an easy one but it is so worth it to discover your "buried treasure!"
3A Curl Pattern, Low Porosity, High Density, Medium Width, Long Length

Loving my curls/waves!

Product loves: Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bars, ACV rinses, Suave Naturals Conditioner wash on in between days, silk scrunchies, Ouidad Curl refreshing spray, Avocado/olive oil/honey deep treatment, Coconut oil on ends/length

Currently waist length while wet and going for waist length while dry!