There are two, maybe three words I have trouble pronouncing. I'm much better, because I've practiced over the years. I rarely say them incorrectly, but I mentioned it to her and another co-worker

She loves to tell EVERYONE about it and tries to get me to say the words. So annoying. Today, it was with my boss' boss. um no. Plus, I can't even say them the old way most of the time

She also told them that I know every black person that she went to school with. Really?!?! SHUSH IT!
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Am I the only wondering what the words are?

I can't say "buck" or "frog" or "cemetery." (I blame my mother who is Irish.)
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Fruit, which sounds like fute and couch, so I say sofa
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I drove a Volvo for a few yrs while I was married. And my exhusband couldn't pronounce it to save his life! So it was always on the phone, "my wife has a three year old vulva..." or "you'll see my wife's navy vulva parked outside" Or to me, "you need to service that vulva before it stops running..." It was so embarrassing.
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