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Am I the only wondering what the words are?

I can't say "buck" or "frog" or "cemetery." (I blame my mother who is Irish.)
Fruit, which sounds like fute and couch, so I say sofa

I drove a Volvo for a few yrs while I was married. And my exhusband couldn't pronounce it to save his life! So it was always on the phone, "my wife has a three year old vulva..." or "you'll see my wife's navy vulva parked outside" Or to me, "you need to service that vulva before it stops running..." It was so embarrassing.
*snort* oh no.

I used to have a problem saying breakfast when I was little. It was brek-a-fist. Other than that I have no problem with pronunciations. I might say some things slightly different, due to location variations, and have had people ask me to say things numerous times. They like the way I say five and nine. One of my co workers has a slight speech impediment and his has trouble with several words. He'll say, "aw! you know what I mean". No one harps about, though.

PerriP, I am so sorry about your friend.

It is so beautiful outside today. I managed to haul of the trash and go to the store, and it was enjoyable. Yes I've been that bored.

*my app is not working well today.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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