Wavy, have u tried diluting sulphate shampoo?
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No I haven't. I definitely don't want to go back to sulfates. I will occasionally use Selsun Blue for my SD which has sulfates but I don't want to use sulfates on the regular. They definitely won't help my situation. For me it's just a matter of getting my SD under control and hopefully figuring out my allergies.

I just wish Selsun Blue would make a silicone-free, medicated low-poo. Same w/ Head & Shoulders.
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This blog post is worth reading before you completely decide against diluting a sulfate shampoo, Wavy:
Science-y Hair Blog: How to Tame a Strong Shampoo
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I hear that. But... I'd have to first find a sulfate poo that doesn't upset my scalp... which may be the same thing as finding a low-poo that doesn't upset my scalp. I actually found this new one that I really like... but I'm trying not to jinx it. Also there's Free & Clear (a drugstore low-poo) that's supposed to be hypoallergenic. I tried it once and liked it but then gave it to my mom who also suffers from allergies... but I'm going to buy another bottle and give it another try.
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