Yeah, my hair sheds quite a bit too. It's annoying, but I seriously wouldn't stress over it.

You're meant to shed about 100 hairs per day and, for us curlies, those hairs don't fall to the floor, they get tangled up in our hair. If you're like me and wash you hair every few days (as opposed to every day), then that's a good few hundred hairs that are finally getting the chance to detangle from your curls.

So shedding is natural and fine and there's not much you can do really You're meant to shed so new hairs can come through, so as long as you're not noticing that your hair is getting thinner / you are experiencing bald patches, then I'd just go with the flow!

Side note, just to your above post: Lorraine Massey's method is actually pretty minimalist, so maybe following that will break your PJ ways lol

3A with some 3B thrown in. Medium porosity. High density. Low-medium thickness.

Pre-poo: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Low-poo: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine
Conditioner: Faith in Nature or
Shea Moisture Raw Restorative
D/C: Giovanni 2chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra Moist Deep Moisture Mask

Leave-in: My DNA
Styler: Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity or
Umberto Giannini Scrunching Jelly

UK curly. CG since October 2013.
Aiming for WL curls (eventually)