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When I was in elementary school my mom bought me a video game and the clerk thought she was my grandmother. My mom looks FABULOUS but she's a tad older than most people's parents who are my age.

And she rocks the grey, so I bet you can too Chloe92us!
Mixture of fine and coarse, medium density, high porosity, and protein lovin' wavy. Very easily weighed down and over-conditioned.

Low poo: TJTTT, YTCucs, Suave Clarifying
Condish: GSAS, Tresemme Naturals, Jessicurl Aloeba
LI: KCKT, Tresemme Naturals
PT: IAgirl's PT
Styler: Experimenting with JCS WR and homemade FSG

Go Red WIngs!
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