I tried the SM curl shampoo and the moisture retention shampoo and I'm impressed! Funny thing is I've had both of them for a while. I gave them to my daughter to try out since I had too many products already. So I took them back. I don't remember if I tried these before but decided to test them out. I didn't even realize (duh!) that they are sulfate free. Anyway, my hair felt clean and not stripped at all. I prefer the scent of the curl one much better but they both worked great.
On another note, I've been having fantastic results with just a leave-in+cream or just conditioner. So now I'm re-testing everything in my cabinets.
I'm currently experimenting with Recoil again .
3a/b (normal-porosity/elasticity/density)
Cleanse: EMB shampoo, poo bars, SM superfruit, Deva Decadence NP
LI/RO:MD RCLI, KCKT, AIA LI, Andalou LI, Briogeo LI-GVPCB, DB pumpkin, SM superfruit, EMBC, Deva Decadence One C
Stylers: CHS CK, CJPP, CR CM, KCCC, UFDCM, LALSG, OM Hold Up serum, B'Leave-in, Deva styling/super cream

LOVE, LOVE Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus hairspray!

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